How Does a Hedge Trimmer Work?

How Does a Hedge Trimmer Work

Having a garden is not the end; to keep it in worth-watching condition, you need proper dedication, time, and a suitable tool. A hedge trimmer and a chainsaw are cutting tools that let gardeners keep their garden in the best-looking conditions. However, if you are new in this field, then you may get confused between these tools because of so many similarities and find it tough to choose the right tool your garden needs. As both have similar appearance, weight, size, and power source. 

But each tool has specific qualities that make them different from each other. These tools differ in their cutting action, blade type, precision, and many more. The chainsaw vs hedge trimmer needs deep discussion to understand the difference. In this article, I have covered everything you should know to pick the right tool for your garden, so keep reading! 

How Does a Hedge Trimmer Work?

Although the appearance of a hedge trimmer resembles a chainsaw, it has blades all over it; instead of a chain. This difference makes the cutting action more refined and precise. Each hedge trimmer has two blades with a visible tooth shape. These blades oscillate and do the cutting action. The purpose of this tool is to maintain plants’ looks, as by cutting extended bushes, you can improve the aesthetics of your garden. As its name defines its work, it just trims bushes and makes them presentable. 

Hedge Trimmer Work

How Does a Chainsaw Work?

A chainsaw has a chain for cutting action that can do heavy cutting tasks. Unlike a hedge trimmer, it doesn’t work to do maintenance tasks. With this tool, you can cut trees and thick branches. The construction of a chainsaw has two significant parts, the motor that ensures movement and the chain with blades wrapped around the wheel. The motor provides running power while the chain does its cutting task. 

Chainsaw vs Hedge Trimmer

Similarities: Chainsaw vs Hedge Trimmer

Although these tools are pretty similar in appearance, some other similarities leave you confused. Therefore, before getting into the difference, let’s look at the similarities between a chainsaw and a hedge trimmer. 

Chainsaw vs Hedge Trimmer

1. Work Nature

The workspace of both tools is outdoor and specifically in the garden, and you cannot utilize any of these tools for indoor tasks. You can use them to cut the trees and branches, making their work nature the same. 

2. Size and Weight

If you compare a chainsaw vs hedge trimmer for personal use, both have almost equal size and weight. This is another similarity that can make you confused, and you will find it tough to pick the right tool for you. 

3. Operation Requirements

Both tools have the same weight and size, which is big and heavy, so if you want to use them, you have to use both hands. This is another similarity as each of them needs proper attention and handling for effective operation.

4. Power Source

In terms of power source, both chainsaw and hedge trimmer are similar. You can use gas-powered, electric, and battery-powered motors to run any of these tools. All power sources are effective, and you can use any of them based on your preferences and power availability. 

Differences: Chainsaw vs Hedge Trimmer

Differences Chainsaw vs Hedge Trimmer

1. Type of Blade

The thing that creates a massive difference between a chainsaw and a hedge trimmer is their blade type. The chainsaw has a chain with blades; to cut the wood, it uses power to push rather than blades. In contrast, the hedge trimmer has two blades on each side in a teeth-like shape that cut the bushes with the help of blades and provide good control over the tool. 

2. Cutting Action 

The cutting technique of chainsaw and hedge trimmer is entirely different. When it comes to a chainsaw, the chain on the wheel has small blades that move in a circular motion and cut through thick trees efficiently. In contrast, the hedge trimmer has two big blades with small teeth-like shapes, and to trim the bushes, these blades oscillate rather than move in a circle. Also, because of its strength, you can cut the thick branches and tree trunks with a chainsaw. While a trimmer cannot cut through thick branches, you can use it only to manage your garden and improve its appearance.

3. Precision

If you are looking for precision, then a hedge trimmer is what you need. When you use a trimmer, it has small yet sharp blades that move back and forward to cut the bushes finely. Also, the movement type generates less vibration, which lets you effectively control the tool. Due to this, you can cut the plants in any desired shape or just clean them without damaging any adjacent branch.  

While a chainsaw can cut through thick trunks but lacks precision because of the chain. This chain casts pressure to cut wood and small bushes cannot bear this pressure. So instead of cutting the branches, it breaks them, which gives you an uneven and messy look. So, for a clean and refined look, only a hedge trimmer is a suitable option.


4. Power

Although both tools use the same power sources, the intensity of power they use differs them. As a chainsaw is designed to cut strong tree trunks, it needs more power. On the other hand, the hedge trimmer only works for small branches to get a refined look; therefore, it doesn’t need a huge power source. The motor of a chainsaw is more powerful than the motor of a hedge trimmer. 

5. Price

If you want to keep both tools in your garden but are tight on budget, buy the hedge trimmer. This tool lets you maintain your garden and comes at an affordable price. Once you can afford a chainsaw after some time, buy it. It is recommended not to buy cheap products as they cost you less. However, in reality, you have to pay an extra amount because of frequent maintenance or even need replacement after a few months. Therefore, always look for quality over low price.

6. Ease of Use

A hedge trimmer generates fewer vibrations compared to a chainsaw. Also, the motor of a hedge hammer is less potent than the chainsaw. All these features make the trimmer an easy-to-use option. With the trimmer, you get maximum control and precision in cutting action. 

7. Safety

Both tools need extra precaution. However, in terms of safety, the hedge trimmer is not that powerful, so if you come in contact, it will give you a cut. While the chainsaw is a powerful tool and can cut through solid tree trunks; therefore, it can do this with body parts. 

Chainsaw vs. Hedge Trimmer: Which of the Two Should You Use?

The answer is relatively easy, and if you want to trim your plants to make them look good and you don’t have to cut through giant trees, then the hedge trimmer is the right option. Also, this is the most used item in a garden. In contrast, if you have to cut bog trunks and look for a powerful tool, then a chainsaw is what you need. 


Can I use a chainsaw as a hedge trimmer?

Yes, you can use a chainsaw instead of a hedge trimmer with low precision. The purpose of a trimmer is to refine the look of plants and bushes in your garden, which is unachievable with chainsaws. So the answer is yes if you just want to trim bushes but don’t want precision. 

Can you use a hedge trimmer to cut trees?

It is not possible to cut trees with a hedge trimmer. You cannot do this because of its low-power motor and thin blades designed to trim bushes only. If you try to do this task with a trimmer, you will end up with a broken tool. So, if you want to cut a tree, the chainsaw is the right tool. 

How thick of branches can a hedge trimmer cut?

A good quality hedge trimmer can cut through an inch-thick branch. Generally, all trimmer has this capacity. However, if you go for the best hedge trimmer, you can cut a maximum of 2.5 inches thick tree branches. 

Should you oil the hedge trimmer and chainsaw blades?

Yes, it would be best if you oiled the hedge trimmer and chainsaw blades because this will help to improve their performance. Regular oiling saves these tools from rust and keeps their movement smooth. Also, this allows the blades to last longer due to smooth movement. Moreover, these blades don’t push hard, which saves them from bending over time. 

The Bottom Line

Now you know which tool you need according to your job style. Also, you understand the differences and similarities that let you specifically pick the device without any confusion. Properly observe the work your garden needs, and then buy the right tool to make it look like heaven on Earth. Keep your garden well-maintained by using these worth-keeping tools.

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