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How to Sharpen a Chainsaw – The Best Way to Do!

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw

If you know how to use a chainsaw at home it makes life much easier, right? You can do all the professional work at home and can save a lot of money that could have gone into someone else’s hands. But what if the chainsaw gets dull? How would you know that your chainsaw is becoming dull day by day and it’s time to file it before it totally breaks down?

Well, it would be undoubtedly better to know beforehand that your chainsaw is becoming dull. So I have brought for you the symptoms of a dull chainsaw and how to sharpen it again at home without any professional help. Tag along and I will guide you through each and every piece of information you are seeking.

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw

Whenever the chainsaw becomes dull most people think it’s always about the teeth of the chainsaw while it’s not. There are many reasons for a chainsaw becoming dull.  Let me explain to you the most common reasons why chainsaw becomes dull, other than the rough teeth, and then will tell you about troubleshooting later on. The most common reasons are as follows.

  • Debris is stuck in the chainsaw.
  • The chainsaw needs lubrication.
  • There is no more oil in the reservoir.
  • The chain of the chainsaw is not having accurate tension.

If you see dust coming out of the chainsaw instead of chirps then your chainsaw is dull and there could be any of the above reasons. What you have to do in the first place is to clean the chain of the chainsaw. How? Well, that’s simple. Have an old towel in your hand and start cleaning the chainsaw carefully so that the threads of the towel do not get caught in the teeth of the chain.

Once you clean the chain, lubricate it with oil. Lubricate enough that it works smoothly next time and check if there is enough oil in the reservoir, if not then fill the reservoir with oil. Now comes the most important step of checking the tension of the chain. Take the chain in your finger and pull it towards yourself an inch and leave it. If the chain does not go back to the original position then the tension is low. And if you are unable to pull the chain towards yourself in the first place then the tension is quite high.

I repeat that the tension of the chain should be accurate and when you leave the chain after pulling it towards yourself it should go back in its place. You could see a screw on the side of a chainsaw or on the front, depending upon the chainsaw. Tighten the screw if the chain is loose and rotate the screw in the opposite direction if the chain is tight. If you have done all the above things and the chain is not performing well then it is high time that you sharpen the teeth.

Right Tools

Selecting the right tools is essential for filing the chainsaw. A humble hand filer is the best to sharpen the teeth of your chainsaw as it is easy to handle and works effectively. There are also hand filers available in the market which are attached to the scale and the beginners can get a lot of help through it in measuring accurate angles. Moreover, it helps in keeping the grip of the filer at the cutter.

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw

Filing in Right Angle

If you look closely at the cutter of the chain, you will see a line drawn at a particular angle. Although it is not necessary that every chainsaw has this quality, most of them show this line, mentioning the angle. You just have to take a humble hand filer in your hand, put it on the edge of the cutter in the angle mentioned on the cutter and give it a gentle stroke.

After the first stroke, you would know how to make the strokes faster at a particular angle. Thus, give 3 to 4 firm strokes on the edge of a tooth. On average 4 to 5 strokes are more than enough to sharpen a cutter but if you think the cutter is still rough, you can continue to file until the edge becomes smooth and sharpened. Do you know that you can sharpen the chainsaw with a grinder?

Maintenance of Chain

The more the chainsaw is used the more maintenance it demands. Keep the machine lubricated enough and try to clean it with a cloth every week. Clean the chain of the chainsaw before and after use, this will increase the efficiency of your chainsaw. The concept is totally wrong that if you’re not using a chainsaw it won’t need any maintenance. Dust particles might accumulate in the chain and would disturb the efficiency of the chainsaw later on. Also have a look that how many times you should sharpen chainsaw chain.


How often do you need to sharpen a chainsaw?

You need to sharpen a chainsaw once a year if it is not used much. But the frequently used chain saw should be sharpened every month at least.

Why does my chainsaw get dull so fast?

If you cut logs and trees with your chainsaw then a lot of debris takes up space in your chainsaw, making its efficiency dull. To get rid of it, try to clean the chainsaw frequently.

Why is my chainsaw burning the wood?

When the chainsaw is not sufficiently lubricated it produces high friction when it comes in contact with the wood, thus causing a fire. To avoid this, you should lubricate your chainsaw thoroughly.


Use a humble hand filer to give strokes to the cutter. Don’t forget to adjust the right angle of the file just before filing the cutter otherwise the shape of the cutter will be damaged. See if any cutter or gauge of the chain is damaged, if so then replace the chain for better results. I hope you got enough help through this article and can now take care of your chainsaw on your own.

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